Dorf+ Collaborations

Creative / Art Direction

Client: GWA/Dorf
Agency: Designworks

To support and promote the Dorf+ Collaboration, Designworks undertook concepts and ideas, creative direction, management of the photoshoots, video and other content plus negotiation of the commercial contracts of all the artistic talent. We also supported the campaign with the development of several print ads, product brochure creative and in-store support.

Dorf is a proudly Australian and style-orientated company, and so we identified an opportunity for Dorf to collaborate with local artists to produce a range of other style-focused products that use the company’s unique tapware as creative inspiration. Natalie Walton was the first artist in the series, a leading Sydney stylist and writer. Both Natalie and Dorf believe in timeless simplicity and intuitive design. That is, the end result serves a clearly defined purpose, but is also very refined.